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4.    Ayahkarak (black-smith).
5.    Vardhaki (carpenter).
6.    Ksuri (barber).
7.    Sajaka7i (washerman).
8.    Padajah (the protector of the village boundary ic.,
the Reddi).
9.    Padavijneyab (the knower of the foot-prints, i.e., the
10.   Antyajati-dvayam (the two of the last caste, i.e^ vetti
and dohfy
These are called the twelve slmasthas or ayagars.
Kaifiyat of KZmal&furam \ L. R. 1, pp. 78, 94-5.
A certain Avubalarajayya sent Caudaraju Cennamaraju,
the karanam of Perftru and Mallamraju, the Jcaranam of Dvaraka-
cerla, who were parties in a dispute, to the merchant guild of
Sirivarla for settling their dispute. The merchant guild held
a court in the mukhama^apa of the temple of Siddhegvara of
Sirivarla on su. 11 of Magha in the year Bahudhanya corres-
ponding to S. S. 1430* and investigated the facts pertaining
to the dispute. They conveyed the results of their investiga-
tion by means of a letter to Avubalaraju who sent the
disputants before them.
The merchant guild held an enquiry, and sent the follow-
ing report embodying their decision :
We summoned Cennamaraju before us and asked him to
state his case : Cennamaraju's statement: I was the karanam
of Peruru/ During the regime of Narasa Nayaka, the enemies
invaded the country, when our slma was devastated, and our
village fell into ruin, I lived in the hills for a long time with
' "3 d** U ^rroii^   & S. 1430 corresponds to YibJwra MM! not to Balmdhanjr*.